Some clients WHO Do amazing things with data:


At KIANA we are proud to be one of Europe's leading companies unlocking the potential of data for our clients using the full spectrum of possibilities within data mining, Big Data analytics, statistics & mathematics and machine learning. We implement high-impact projects and long-term solutions for our clients and uncover entirely new revenue streams across all industries and geographies. Amongst many other things, we develop real-time solutions for optimising manufacturing processes,  self-learning mechanisms to detect anomalies in financial statements and help leading marketeers understand their customers beyond what they ever imagined. While data science in research is already a mature discipline, its application in the world of business has only just begun to show its potential for economic quantum leaps in value creation.






kohlpharma | Infrared Pill Sorting

Find out how kohlpharma turned cumbersome handiwork into high-speed data science material making it the German pioneer. 

how we helped Prove The Nasa Wrong

ETH Zürich | Open Source Lab

Find out how ETH Zürich proved the NASA wrong in what had seemed to be a breakthrough discovery in natural science. 

How to keep 50% of leaving customers 

Insurance | Customer Retention

Find out how a leading insurance could keep 50% of leaving customers to stay after a smart data-driven micro-segmentation analysis.



World-class scientists and passionate bridge builders between technology and business

KIANA is a spin-off of the renowned German Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in 2001


Headquartered in the center of Europe and within its largest software cluster