Value along the entire Chain

KIANA applies data analytics along the entire value chain / functions of businesses. Some customers find their entry into data analytics solving known major problems, others approach data analytics with an open scope and discover during the engagement where the highest contributions to business goals can be made using data and analytics. Some common applications of analytics in different functions:


R&D / Product Development:

·      Social Media Insights Generation

·      Patent monitoring

·      Trend monitoring

·      Smart Devices


Marketing & Sales:

·      Customer Analytics

·      Competitor Analytics

·      Pricing Analytics

·      New data products

·      Decision support for sales


Procurement & Supply Chain Management:

·      Price forecasting / simulations

·      Monitoring suppliers

·      Predictive logistics



·      Demand forecasting

·      Personnel planning

·      Predictive Maintenance

·      Data-driven production optimisation

·      Fault analysis


Customer Service:

·      Callcenter scheduling

·      Automation of customer service functions


Finance & Admin:

·      Auditing analytics

·      Financial forecasting

·      Document analytics



·      Employer Branding – Social Media Analysis

·      Recruiting channel optimisation

·      Promotion / leaver analytics

·      Staff demand forecasting